A Real Stretch: Hot Yoga Studio HVAC Challenges

Participating in the practice of hot yoga is a challenge not only for the practitioner, but for the building owner who needs to control the humidity under the required temperatures. The ideal climate for a hot yoga studio is a temperature of 40.5 C (105 F) and 40 percent humidity. Keeping a healthy, mold-free environment with good IAQ is more of a challenge in some geographic locations than others.

Haglid Engineering is used to providing sustainable HVAC high indoor moisture solutions for hot yoga studios from small mom and pop set-ups to nation-wide franchises. Here’s an example of a set-up using a BPE 2000 cfm ERV (BPE-MIR-XE-2000) designed to provide efficient HVAC in a very cold geographic area. While the studio needed that important 105 F temperature inside, the outdoor temperature was capable of dropping to -20 F. Under such  conditions, there will be condensation in the exhaust air and, consequently, a weather louver utilized in the duct-work on the exhaust air side of the BPE unit.

The results? A high efficiency of over 95% at a very low flow rate. Better still, the owner recouped $1,043 dollars a month in energy savings and the total installed cost was well below a 9 month simple payback! That’s a 100% Internal Rate of Return (IRR). What a great investment!

The setup:


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