Best Engineering Practices – Ideas for addressing real world ventilation challenges

Participating in the practice of hot yoga is a challenge not only for the practitioner, but for the building owner who needs to control the humidity under the required temperatures. The ideal climate for a hot yoga studio is a temperature of 40.5 C (105 F) and 40 percent humidity. Keeping a healthy, mold-free environment with good IAQ is more of a challenge in some geographic locations than others.

Concepts in Healthy HVAC

Many people think of energy-efficient savings first when planning to meet ENERGYSTAR®, LEED, or Passive House Institute standards and consider health benefits an added extra. However, as we said in a recent article on The International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Building Standard, buildings without superior ventilation contribute to sluggish performance, less astute thinking, and more sick days.

Practical Application of a BPE ERV:

Since BPE ERVs are modular, they can be stacked to produce fresh air requirements ups to 20,000 cfm. Such modules are man-portable, will fit through a 36-inch door, and can be assembled by two men in four hours.