Prof. Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A., C.E.M, and CEO of Haglid EngineeringTM and Building Performance Equipment, Inc. makes sure his commercial headquarters is a shining example of the energy-efficient building-stock solutions he promotes. The 10,000-sq.ft. building achieved Energy Star Building Certification in 2012. Impressive, until you realize Haglid also won an EBie Award for the greatest energy reduction in an industrial complex over 500,000 sq.ft. from New York’s USGBC and the Urban Green Council. Still, Haglid doesn’t only work his sustainable HVAC and net-zero magic on commercial properties. He tests and uses his systems at home to produce top-notch indoor air quality and thermal comfort for his family. And just like everyone else, he wants his energy bills as low as they can go. One of his biggest goals is to help others do their part in lowering residential and commercial building carbon footprints. Slashing away at CO2 emissions is not difficult; a quick check-up with his home’s Solar Edge Monitoring System reveals just how much he is winning!


The heart of the Haglid home HVAC system is high-efficiency energy recovery ventilation in the form of a BPE-XE-MIR-200i ERV. Thermal envelope sealing is also key, along with R-19 insulation (R-39 or more in ceiling area), radiant floor heating, a Mr. Cool heat pump with SEER 20, and roof solar panels to power home appliances directly. In fact, thermal comfort is never in question for the Haglids as they enjoy an average indoor temperature of 70°F in winter and 75°F in summer. A quick look at the Solar Edge app reveals some fascinating numbers that, in cooperation with generating kWh via the sun, align with efforts to reduce global warming. Over the set-up’s six-year lifetime, the Haglid home has generated 45.6 MWh of power, saving $8,668 in energy costs.

kWh Production:

Solar power turns the Haglid home into an effective power producer. For example, as shown 24 days into October 2021, solar energy use created 209 kilowatts of power.




Yearly, power production is even more impressive when you consider one megawatt (MWh) of power is equal to 1,000 kilowatts or 1 million watts.





Perhaps the crowned jewel of reported information for a guy who has dedicated himself to inventing high efficiency HVAC solutions to help people help the planet is this one. The Haglid home has prevented 70,605.3 lbs of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere—the equivalent of planting 533 trees over six years.



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