Complete unit! Just plug in and add ductwork to fresh air!

The BPE-XE-MIR 200i consumes only 38 watts of power, less than an incandescent light bulb! One of this unit consumes less than half the energy produced by a solar cell. Others consume 5 times the energy produced by a solar cell!

These galvanized steel units are specifically sized to handle residential, small office, and dedicated ventilation applications. While the rest of BPE’s ERVs utilize separate in-line fans, the 200-i has two built-in fans, as well as plug-in capability via a power cord with a three-pronged plug. The 200-i is the perfect size for providing fresh make-up air to a small office (up to 10 people) or the home of a family of up to six. Simple to install, the unit can connect to new or existing ductwork, is light enough for DIY positioning, and easily plugs into a 120 VAC outlet.

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  • Fans 220 cfm each 
  • Factory calibrated speed controls with full variable speed for each fan
  • Merv 8 Filters for Fresh Air and Exhaust
  • World's most efficient direct counter-flow energy recovery module, over 90%!
  • Fans typically have a 20-year life, but can easily be replaced if needed.
  • Galvanized metal body, only 8.5 inches thick. Lowest profile of any product in this class.
  • Factory wired and tested as a unit.  
  • Three-pronged plug included.

Summer @95°F - 31.53 EER

Winter @10°F - 75.67 EER

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