Our Mission is to provide excellent indoor environmental quality in buildings and homes for little or no energy cost. How? We offer sustainable and high-efficiency HVAC systems designed with products we’ve engineered to set the bar for energy recovery technology.

“…customer service is exceptional. I wish we had more American companies that were doing business the way BPE is doing it.”

Tony Greene

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Energy Recovery Ventilator and Heat Recovery Ventilation for Buildings


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Living and working environments should promote comfort, productivity, and good health. BPE can support those goals and reduce your energy bills through…

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) — Our patented ERVs boast an
  • 80% – 98% efficiency rating, pristine Internal Air Quality (IAQ)
  • HVAC systems with Energy Efficiency Ratings of 36 to 160 (industry standard is 10)
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
  • Controllers
  • Lighting – LED and natural light
  • Thermal Walls
  • High-Performance Building Envelopes

What does superior, high-efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation look like?

If you want to help YOUR customers GET customers, an ERV is the way to go!

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) for homes and business — Explained:

How We Help You

Our company works with you to provide components or complete turnkey systems with energy recovery modules, ductwork, high-efficiency fans, and controls to provide excellence in IEQ and EERs (energy efficiency ratings) that can exceed 126.1! We have engineered the high-efficiency energy recovery systems that make net zero buildings possible, and our clients find they serve their comfort needs while remaining inexpensive to own and operate.

Quality Service for You

Our company is sustainable, reliable, and efficient, and we offer our products at competitive prices. The fans we provide have low pressure drops and only use 1/5 of the power of our competitors. In addition, our heat exchangers are very long with direct counter flow.

Intellectual Property Insurance

For over 20 years Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPSC) has maintained its reputation as the industry leader and expert in managing risk and protecting the value of companies’ intellectual property. As the original architect of intellectual property insurance, IPISC continues to pioneer advanced strategies to remain the market leader in the dynamic field of intellectual property.

What gives our ERVs an edge?

Building Performing Equipment, Inc.’s state of the art, air-to-air energy recovery ventilator is an industry leader in polymer core, fixed-plate, reverse counter-flow technology. Advantages of the BPE ERV include:

  • Up to 98% thermal effectiveness due to patented reverse counter-flow construction, which allows for reductions in peak demand as well as significant energy savings.
  • Up to 34% latent effectiveness (humidity) during high-temperature, high-humidity summer conditions thanks to the use of Regenerative Condensate Return™, also known as “RCR”.

Watch a BPE ERV in action:

This high efficiency ERV moves 2500 cfm of fresh air into and out of a repair garage while recovering over 80% of the heat energy in the air stream. This is a counter-flow direct air to air energy recovery system. Workers in the shop don’t have chemical vapors to deal with, but also have the benefit of the radiant heat creating a heat sink out of the concrete floor. No forced air heat trying to heat the 15 feet above where the people are and all the fresh air they never had before.


BPE, Building Performing Equipment, Inc.® is a manufacturing company in Hillsdale, New Jersey that engineers and manufactures products that provide energy-efficient ventilation. The products that our company creates help save energy and improve IEQ (indoor environmental quality) as well as IAQ (indoor air quality). We service building owners for industrial commercial and schools.


Placing energy recovery at the heart of its innovative engineering, BPE develops carbon-neutral HVAC solutions that raise the bar on healthy, comfortable indoor environments while saving heaps of money on energy bills and doing its part to save the planet by lowering emissions from building stock.

Even after removing over 750,000 car years of pollution from the North American Power Grid, our mission going into 2021 is just getting started. The goal? Remove over 5,000,000 car years of pollution by 2025. Let’s do this.



CDC Workplace School and Home Guidelines

What every American and community can do now to decrease the spread of the coronavirus.


How does Covid-19 infect you?

According to an article* in The Wall Street Journal, there is a growing consensus that it is easier to catch the virus during “close-up, person-to-person interactions for extended periods.” While the virus can be caught outdoors under such conditions, the risk is greater indoors. Simply talking, breathing, or singing can send virus-filled droplets into the respiratory tract through eyes, nose, or mouth.

How can Building Performance Equipment, Inc. add to your arsenal of safeguards battling Covid-19? Insufficient ventilation increases disease transmission. Our ERV units can ensure proper—superior—ventilation for your residential or commercial space. With scores capable of topping 90% in ETL efficiency tests, our units will displace stale air with fresh outdoor air, giving you the best ventilation for your buck and your health. Not sure which unit is best for your space? Give us a call now!

*Hernandez, D., Toy, S., McKay, B., (2020, June 16). How Exactly Do You Catch Covid-19? There Is a Growing Consensus. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from https://online.wsj.com

We partner with top architectural firms to better serve our clients.

Find out more…

Newman Consulting Group

Their team of energy experts can help you turn your existing building into a High Performing Facility.

Net Zero Energy Architects

They create a healthy, quality, livable area in your home’s basement, with practically no maintenance required.

Wish you had the budget to make your building energy efficient?

If you haven’t heard about it yet, PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy is the unique financial tool that allows building owners to fully finance energy conservation measures with no money down. Because PACE projects must be “cash-flow positive,” this long-term loan is generally paid back out of savings realized from the upgrades! 

The 2019 ASHRAE Handbook was updated with a peer-reviewed technical evaluation of PACE in Chapter 38, HVAC Applications – Owning and Operating Costs by Klas C. Haglid P.E., R.A., C.E.M.

Visit Haglid Engineering to Find Out More

What People are Saying about BPE

As of March 2014, we have provided dollar and energy savings of $19,312,094.79 or 114,551,723.69 kWh in electricity as well as $19,856,741.45 or 14,032,893.98 therms, in natural gas. BPE, Inc. will save you money,  and improve your thermal comfort, and work with you to do your part for the environment.

“Our products and strategies reduce energy costs. Many clients–even those operating half-a-million-sq.ft. complexes—have been able to attain a net-zero standard. Check out our website to view our clientele, industry awards, achievements, and peer-reviewed articles. Give one of our reps a call to start a conversation leading toward energy savings and sustainability! It’s our planet. Let’s work together to improve quality of life for everyone … while we still can.”

To learn more about the energy efficient ventilation products we provide, contact Building Performing Equipment, Inc. in Hillsdale, New Jersey at (201) 722-1414. In Business Since 1997 – Part of the USGBC and the GS

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