ERV Technology

ERV Technology: Building Performance Equipment, Inc.® Raises the Bar!

If you were offered a 50%-off coupon or a 75%-off coupon while shopping, which would you choose? If you knew you had the option to breathe far cleaner air and improve your day-to-day cognitive skills rather drastically, would you say, “No, that’s okay”’ or “Where do I sign up?”

So, it’s like this: If your commercial building or home HVAC system does not incorporate—or in some cases solely rely on–an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), it probably should. And if it already does? There’s better ERV technology out there to raise your indoor air quality and lower energy bills. That technology, built by Building Performance Equipment, Inc., can deliver greater energy savings, play a more responsible role in creating greener building stock, and offer significantly healthier environments that encourage greater productivity.

Read on to find out:


What is an ERV?


How do you measure the effectiveness of an ERV?


Which ERV is best?


Our Patented superior design in an ERV.


Do you need Versatile HVAC?

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