Juoko Tahvanainen, Plant Engineering Manager at Chanel, states there has been a dramatic improvement in comfort accompanied by “some nice energy savings as well.” Mr. Tahvanainen explained that the measurements taken on the exhaust and intake air look very promising. Scott Reilly, Director of Engineering at the facility, said, “We run a tight ship around here, and the BPE units are maintenance free.”


BPE provided Marty’s with LEEDs support, resulting in a LEED Silver Rating, improved occupancy comfort, energy efficiency, and an EPA Energy Star Rating! “As one of the leaders of sustainability in Morristown, I believe that sustainability is good for business. To prove this, I decided to renovate and achieve a LEED certification. The result has been amazing. Many people just appreciate the fact that I invested in the neighborhood and the Town of Morristown. The LEED certification has not only helped our bottom line costs but has helped in creating more sales and customer loyalty.”

Marty's Cycle Shop

After struggling to gain permit approval for the building refurbishment, owner Sam Kuhn sought ventilation advice from BPE to discuss IAQ. “One call to BPE, and I was able to get permit approval,” says Sam. “The whole process would have been easier if I had found them first.” As for the chemical smells prevalent in salons: “When the unit is on, there are no remnants of smell, and it happens almost instantaneously.”

Grateful Heads Hair Salon

Sheri Tingey, owner of Alpacka Rafts, reports a dramatic improvement in the air quality and ventilation. “The BPE unit definitely pulls the fumes out of the building and provides a safer work environment for employees.”

Alpacka Rafts

AVICS’s owner, Reed Andariese: “This BPE unit brings in fresh air and greatly improves the indoor air quality of our facility by removing the chemical smells caused by the inks and chemicals used in the printing process.”

AVICS print shop

John from O’Dell Associates – working with Excel Heating on system design and installation – states, “By using state of the art BPE energy recovery modules, we can save Chrysalis $1,000 a month and pre-heat the cold outdoor air to 92°F. It makes the Yoga studio more comfortable and saves a lot of energy and money.” Installer Andrew stated, “The BPE units were light enough to install without a crane and saved on installation costs. The BPE-XE-MIR-2000 units precondition the outside air while improving IAQ and reduce operating costs.”
Chrysalis Yoga

BPE Energy Recovery Modules were instrumental in retrofitting the Hopewell, NJ school district in cutting energy consumption. The effects resulted in an Energy Star Success Story: “Demand-side ventilation systems were installed in thirteen classrooms around the district, recapturing up to 80 to 95 percent of the thermal energy that is normally exhausted from an average classroom….. Hopewell reduced electricity consumption in retrofitted areas by 758,435 kWh/year, or 25 percent. Heating and cooling loads were also reduced by 30 to 40 percent.” See Energy Star Success Story

Energy Star

“The installation of the BPE equipment has allowed us to reach our goal of energy efficiency while maintaining optimal comfort for our employees and customers. It has definitely made our restaurant greener.” 

Mike Feygin, Owner, Bourbon BBQ Wyckoff, NJ

Andrew from TNT Heating and Cooling chose BPE Modules because they provided solutions at a cost-effective price. He stated, “The BPE units were light enough to install without a crane and saved on installation costs.” He was pleased with the way the BPE-XE-MIR-2000 units preconditioned the outside air while improving IAQ and reducing operating costs.

TNT Heating and Cooling

James Philip Wright, AIA speaking about the Saskatchewan Conservation House: “It is my opinion that the quickest and easiest way to approach net zero is to use a direct counter-flow energy recovery unit with over 90% efficiency…Only BPE units represent the counter-flow heat exchanger created for the first passive house.”

American Institute Architects

Haglid Engineering provided P4P incentives and engineering support for energy savings and an Energy Star Building Rating! Norman Torkelson, Director of Facilities at the Hopewell Valley Regional Schools and 2008 Recipient of the NJ Clean Energy Educator of the Year, states: “By applying energy recovery technology(s) to our older buildings, the energy savings alone justify the installation of a BPE unit. Additional benefits, including improved thermal comfort and indoor air quality as well as reduced operation and maintenance costs, create a positive initiative to install more BPE units!”
Hopewell, NJ School District

Tom Palmer, owner of Our Yoga Place, says their BPE ERV makes the studio air quality so fresh that it amazes him how many clients leave class saying, “I’ve never come out of a class feeling so good before!”

Our Yoga Place Hot Yoga

Shawn Oram, P.E., Associate Member of ASHRAE on BPE role revamping a strip mall: “The built up energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system was designed and selected for very low fan energy and high heat recovery effectiveness. The ECM fans provide 100% outdoor air ventilation at less than 0.75 W/cfm. The ERV system needs only small (inexpensive) ducts to deliver air directly to all habitable spaces while continuously exhausting stale air from specific high pollution locations (conference rooms, large offices, restrooms, kitchen, copy room, janitor, server room) during occupied hours. The apparent sensible heat recovery effectiveness of the ERV is greater than 86%. This allowed the elimination of a reheat system in the ventilation supply airstream. Even at design day temperatures (24°F [–4°C]), the ERV delivery temperature is in the 60s.”

ASHRAE Journal

Jack Behr, Director of Facilities at the Red Bank YMCA, is pleased with the BPE energy recovery equipment and says it is working very well while providing significant savings and comfortable make-up air.

Redbank YMCA Olympic Pool Natatorium