One Ventilation Solution to Rule Them All

Do you have an uncomfortable indoor air story in your past and perhaps your present? Sure, you do. Was it a stifling classroom in the heat of summer and a freezing one in winter? Did you fight a sleepy, lethargic malaise while taking a test in high school? As an adult, perhaps you suffered from Sick Building Syndrome in the ‘build it tighter than tight’ ’80s. Colds and stomach bugs, not to mention today’s viral scourge, can still spread through indoor environments like wildfire.

BPE’s Fans and Controllers of Choice

To keep BPE units the most efficient, most ‘value for your money’ Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) on the market, we keep an eye out for companies that complement our technology. While we love Fantech fans for our 3,000 cfm units and up, our smaller units will now be paired with AC Infinity’s Cloudline series and a simple or more versatile AC Infinity Controller. 

Get Up to Speed on Ventilation for Safer Indoor Spaces

As the premiere indoor threat to our health, Covid-19 often tops HVAC conversations–especially since there is no definitive method to detect its viral load in the air. And while the virus is nothing to make light of, it’s not as if many buildings weren’t in dire need of better ventilation before it came along. Long-term exposure to toxins and particulate matter can cause a variety of illnesses, from heart and lung issues to cancer. Then again, Carbon Monoxide (CO) reigns supreme for the worst and sneakiest threat to indoor air quality as it kills rather quickly sight unseen and smell non-existent.

BPE Equipment Selection: Sizing It Up – Choosing an ERV and fan system for your space

Fresh air being key to good health, it’s a shame we cannot rely on the supply and quality of our indoor air these days—even more so since the SARS-CoV-2 virus raised its thorny head. We humans are a temperamental species, aren’t we? To live and work optimally indoors, we need adequate air exchange, thermal comfort, and ways not to box ourselves in with increasing levels of viral, chemical, and allergen loads.

Taking Control of Your Environment

Know what’s rarer than a red diamond* these days? People who feel in control of their lives. No, life has never been free of obstacles, but many folks feel the world has gone topsy-turvy working overtime to frustrate us with nasty surprises and uncertainties. We feel it, too. Health concerns, hot button topics, financial stressors, and climate matters have left many of us scratching our heads for solutions or at least to make sense of it all. The phrase, “Focus on what you can control,” has never been more applicable.

Playing It Cool Through the Ages

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days are celebrated from July 3 to August 15 of every year to honor the invention and role of air conditioning in modern society.

An engineer named Willis Carrier invented the first cooling system (aka air conditioner) to help dry ink faster in a print shop. Was the device rather basic compared to today? Sure, but he soon improved upon it, and comparing it to the cooling methods that came before it, well … Eureka!

Installing Fans and Speed Controllers

At BPE, you could say FanTech made us ‘big fans’ of its FKD series of centrifugal fans. In particular, we use FKD-14 models often; they are high quality, 100% speed controllable, single-phase, and 120 VAC with 4.8 amps draw. These fans work superbly alongside our Energy Recovery Ventilators, but consumers sometimes have questions about the set-up when placing them and their speed controllers in line with our units. So, let’s make life a little simpler with some tips: