Installing Fans and Speed Controllers

At BPE, you could say FanTech made us ‘big fans’ of its FKD series of centrifugal fans. In particular, we use FKD-14 models often; they are high quality, 100% speed controllable, single-phase, and 120 VAC with 4.8 amps draw. These fans work superbly alongside our Energy Recovery Ventilators, but consumers sometimes have questions about the set-up when placing them and their speed controllers in line with our units. So, let’s make life a little simpler with some tips:

Can the American Rescue Plan Help Public Schools Make the Grade?

The American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Infrastructure Report Card gave the United States’ public school building stock (K-12) a D+–the same grade garnered in 2017. With many buildings aging past fifty years, vital facility repairs are many and corrective dollars are often few. With accounts of decay ranging from eroding floors and crumbling walls to HVAC systems that deliver poor ventilation and uncomfortable temperatures, it seems a miracle is in order if we want our public school system to offer a sound, modern education.

COP26: We must do more.

The United Nations’ COP26 has begun in Glasgow where two hundred countries were invited to present their plans to cut emissions by 2030. With an end date of November 12th, there is much left to consider. Still, people from the highest levels of government down to the average Joe or Josephine have differing opinions on the initiative’s purpose, its progress, and how effective the conversation will be toward keeping the global temperature increase below 2°C—preferably 1.5°C.

Installing a BPE Energy Recovery Ventilator

Not since the 1980s has there been such a desperate cry for ventilation help. Back then, sick building syndrome became a concern thanks to tighter building standards designed to save energy. Suddenly packed into the likes of a sealed milk container, home and building inhabitants began suffering the health effects of recirculating stale air, pollutants, and pathogens. The solution was to add a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) to pretty much act as a straw popped into the container!

In-Line Heating and Cooling Solution

One of the tenets of BPE’s philosophy on indoor comfort is customization. Due to floor plans, square footage, occupancy, geographic area (climate), and budget, different spaces may require special consideration for achieving optimal indoor air quality, comfort, and...

Prioritize Cybersecurity Issues While Building the Clean Energy Industry

When an invisible enemy attacked Colonial’s Pipeline’s oil distribution system, your average person on the East Coast noticed. It affected their plans, their budget, their time. Suddenly, people want to know how and why hackers gained access to the central system that digitally monitors pumps, flow, pressure sensors, thermostats, and pretty much everything else. Justifiably, many folks might ask, “Well, why are such sensitive controls not kept offline?”