Installing a BPE Energy Recovery Ventilator

Not since the 1980s has there been such a desperate cry for ventilation help. Back then, sick building syndrome became a concern thanks to tighter building standards designed to save energy. Suddenly packed into the likes of a sealed milk container, home and building inhabitants began suffering the health effects of recirculating stale air, pollutants, and pathogens. The solution was to add a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) to pretty much act as a straw popped into the container!

In-Line Heating and Cooling Solution

One of the tenets of BPE’s philosophy on indoor comfort is customization. Due to floor plans, square footage, occupancy, geographic area (climate), and budget, different spaces may require special consideration for achieving optimal indoor air quality, comfort, and...

Prioritize Cybersecurity Issues While Building the Clean Energy Industry

When an invisible enemy attacked Colonial’s Pipeline’s oil distribution system, your average person on the East Coast noticed. It affected their plans, their budget, their time. Suddenly, people want to know how and why hackers gained access to the central system that digitally monitors pumps, flow, pressure sensors, thermostats, and pretty much everything else. Justifiably, many folks might ask, “Well, why are such sensitive controls not kept offline?”

The Beauty of Spiral Ductwork

Installing spiral (round, tubular) ductwork throughout your HVAC system is like discovering that awesome health supplement guaranteed to cure a slew of ills—except tubular ductwork lives up to the hype. Choosing it over rectangular ductwork for medium- and high-pressure systems results in practical, healthy, aesthetic, and financial advantages. In fact, ASHRAE recommends spiral ductwork be used wherever possible.

A Particulate-ly Concerning New Study

We’ve known for years that natural and man-made particulates no larger than ten micrometers can settle in lung tissue to cause discomfort, allergies, asthma, and disease. And if you haven’t heard by now that indoor air can be twice as polluted as outdoor air, you would have to live under a rock, true? Well, here’s something you might not have heard: A new study from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland claims the harm caused by particulates may be worse—more prevalent–than we thought.

Approach 2021 Carefully with Decarbonization in Mind

In our rush to leave 2020 behind—waaaay behind, let’s not barrel into 2021 without reframing our priorities. That advice, while important in all areas of life, is especially key in rebuilding our national and global economies. Where to focus our efforts in revving them back up? In the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, “2021 must be the year in which the world leaps forward into a net‑zero future.”