Holy Smokes! The Time to Tackle Building Stock Emissions is … Yesterday.

One of our goals at BPE is to encourage building and HVAC contractors to relay the importance of building or retrofitting residential, commercial, and industrial building stock with the climate crisis in mind. Unfortunately, many people aren’t too quick to worry about things they cannot see for themselves and/or feel they can’t do anything about–such as a slowly warming planet. But you know where that gets us, right?

Custom DOAS systems are more important now than ever!

Why include custom dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) plans in your new construction or retrofit project? Because you’ll lessen health, financial, and climate issues in indoor spaces that may have felt like mere annoyances in the past. Collectively, we have a lot more riding on indoor air quality and energy efficiency these days—not to mention the growing climate threats of years ahead.

Applying Energy Recovery Ventilation: Latent Only Application – Minimum Best Practices

Latent only cooling is a method of utilizing the cooling energy of air leaving an existing or new construction fan coil air handler, to simultaneously pre-cool the air entering the air handler and reheat the air leaving the cooling coil. Installations and field tests have shown this can take an average fan coil either dx or chilled water and render the unit up to over 95% latent with very little temperature change.

The BPE-SC-UNI-3000: Integral ERV Innovation for Your Unique HVAC Needs.

Sometimes it’s tough enough to get building managers and homeowners to jump on the sustainable HVAC bandwagon, let alone understand what they need and how to install it. If we’re honest, many people will latch onto energy savings and simplicity of use before they buy high-performance systems to promote healthy, comfortable indoor air. So, what’s an HVAC manufacturer focused on energy recovery to do? Well, we give the people what they want.