To keep BPE units the most efficient, most ‘value for your money’ Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) on the market, we keep an eye out for companies that complement our technology. While we love Fantech fans for our 3,000 cfm units and up, our smaller units will now be paired with AC Infinity’s Cloudline series and a simple or more versatile AC Infinity Controller. 

AC Infinity’s Cloudline T12 fan with Controller 69 and phone app


Why use AC Infinity, Inc.?.

AC Infinity designs innovative systems for HVAC, agricultural, and audio-video purposes. The company is quality-driven and runs its products through rigorous ISO testing. In other words, those at the helm care about what they offer customers, and we can relate to that.


Discover the benefits of AC Infinity’s Cloudline fans.

What qualities does BPE love about these fans? The same things you will:

  • Solid centrifugal in-line units are offered in five sizes.
  • IP44-sealing prevents liquids and dust from getting inside.
  • They are ideal for the transfer of heating and cooling, circulating air, cooling AV closets, ridding a space of odors, and for hydroponic grow rooms.
  • PWM-controlled (Pulse Width Modulation) EC (Electronically Commutated) motors combined with mixed-flow design make for quiet and twice the energy efficiency produced by many other fans.


Why is that last point so important? BPE feels that since our 200i, 300i, 400i, 500, 1000, and 2000 units are often used in homes, schools, and smaller office settings, you can appreciate how lack of fan noise benefits indoor environments where the idea is to relax or concentrate. BPE units have always been on the quiet side, but when the opportunity to do even better arises, we’ll take it! And while everyone likes to save on bills, saving up to 40% on energy costs is especially appealing to homeowners, school districts, and small businesses.


Truly, these are fantastic fans. For example, we tested Cloudline T12 fans with two BPE-XE-MIR-1000 in series on exhaust, resulting in 789 to 805 LF/min at 1.01” water column. That mixed-flow design maintains peak performance even when static pressure runs high.


AC Infinity Smart Controllers are loaded with features.

Through a variety of controllers, AC Infinity gives you the power to dynamically control temperature, humidity, and ventilation indoors without you having to be there. And this is the value of the Internet of Things, isn’t it? Change an indoor environment from wherever you may be to accommodate occupancy, allergy seasons, outdoor temperature fluctuations, or even suspicion of higher viral loads using a phone app connected to your controller. Such an ability allows for healthier occupants, more comfortable work environments, and lower energy bills.


AC Infinity’s Controller 69 has us excited because its intelligent programming can control up to four devices. For HVAC purposes, you often only need two (see the Controller 67) inputs to accommodate one ERV unit but consider the possibilities for the 69 controlling fan speeds in two areas of a building wing, for example. You can control all four devices the same way at the same time or create separate settings for each fan or device to allow for fine-tuning or special environmental situations.


The controllers provide temperature and humidity readings down to the millisecond thanks to the Swiss-made thermal-alloy head on a 1”-long, corded probe sensor. This feature provides up-to-the-minute readings on rapid climate fluctuations using SAE grade-316 steel. Place the sensor as close as possible to the hottest or most humid spot in your space.

AC Infinity’s Controller 69


Install better mechanical ventilation with ease!

When you combine the lightweight design and plug-n-play nature of BPE ERVs with AC Infinity, you enjoy an easy install. After placing the ERV, position the fans (dual-ball bearings make them multi-directional), then simply hook them up to the controller, which you’ll pair via Bluetooth with the AC Infinity App you download onto your phone. To pair, just press and hold the center port button on the controller when prompted until the Bluetooth and/or WiFi icon flashes.

AC Infinity Controller 69 with plug-ins


The AC Infinity App

Once paired with the controller, you’ll access the controller’s dynamic controls to schedule or respond to changes in temperature by adjusting fan speeds and air exchange cycles. You’ll discover the beauty of setting automated programs for various days of the week, times of day, seasons … whatever patterns your unique space needs to feel comfortable. In addition, you’ll find advanced programs, notifications, climate data, and alarms. 


Interested in bringing the super duo qualities of BPE and AC Infinity together to enjoy thermal comfort technology and energy savings in your commercial or residential space? Give BPE a call to experience this combo of excellence in efficiency!



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