All warehouses need high-quality indoor air and thermal comfort, but it’s easy to fall short of healthy levels in such structures. Warehouses are typically large, open spaces with limited natural ventilation thanks to lack of windows and doors causing dust, particles, chemicals, and emissions to accumulate.


And temperatures? Winters in Alberta are known to dip below -30 degrees Celsius and even into the -40s. To accommodate winter (and summer) extremes, HVAC systems use a lot of (expensive) energy to warm employees.


Grainger wanted to improve staff health and comfort without suffering worse energy bills, so any solutions would require super high efficiency.



Grainger hired HVAC Systems and Solutions of Alberta, which prides itself on providing the right HVAC products for the right application. HVAC Systems drew up a plan incorporating a BPE-XE-MIR-1000 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), two BPE-T12 in-line duct fans with eight speed controls, EC motors, sensor probes, and a remote controller.


Why Building Performance Equipment, Inc. (BPE)? For one thing, HVAC Systems and Solutions likes the high-quality construction of BPE equipment. Even better, the BPE ERV system would offer over 94% sensible thermal efficiency!


The company found installation quite easy and is pleased with how it is accomplishing Grainger’s goals onsite.


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