Client: AVICS Printing in Garden State Industrial Park, Wyckoff, NJ is an international printing company.


Challenge: AVICS Printing is an international printing company with over 500 sq.ft. of office space. The building’s central heating and air-conditioning had the typical IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) issues found in a printing facility. Inks and dyes presented bad odors, while shipping procedures allowed truck exhaust into the building. In extreme cases, this resulted in sending people home and/or reduced productivity.

Solution: The building’s lack of fresh make-up air was solved by installinga direct vent BPE-XE-200 unit and two 19-watt fans. The BPE-XE-200 is specifically sized to handle small offices, homes, and dedicated ventilation applications. Bringing in fresh air achieved non-detectable CO levels and greatly reduced CO2 levels. Installing the BPE energy recovery unit saved $18,342 when compared to the cost of replacing the HVAC system. In fact, the total cost for this simple modification was under $4,000 for equipment and installation. Over 85% energy recovery was provided with a payback of less than three years (or an IRRA of over 33%).

According to AVICS’s owner, Reed Andariese, “This BPE unit brings in fresh air and greatly improves the indoor air quality of our facility by removing the chemical smells caused by the inks and chemicals used in the printing process.”


For more information on BPE’s line of high-performance ERVs and high-performance ventilation systems, call 201.722.1414.

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