Remember the push to educate kids on environmental issues and ‘green’ concepts over the last couple of decades? It hasn’t been in vain. Today’s home buyers, particularly millennials (ages 21-38), are keen on keeping a low environmental footprint. So, homebuilders would do well to focus on offering sustainable building materials, ‘internet of things’ technology, solar, and HVAC systems that rely on energy recovery. Quite simply, it’s in their best economic interest to do so.



What do millennial home buyers want in new construction?

Between the recent threat Covid-19 brought to indoor air and the value today’s homebuyers place on social and environmental causes, the market is ripe for kicking ‘green’ building, particularly energy ventilation, up a notch. So, what do millennials want in new home construction?


ENERGY STAR®-Certified Homes: Homes that meet ENERGY STAR’s strict set of criteria deliver comfort, controlled humidity, and reduced noise. Filtered, fresh air reduces indoor pollutants and allergens. Thermal comfort is available throughout the home. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances are key. Simply put, ENERGY STAR®-Certified Homes are built better and feel better.

Money-saving advantages: When heating and cooling account for 48% of a home’s energy use, the more efficient the HVAC system the better. We often recommend well-balanced mechanical ventilation to achieve the largest cut to energy bills and the healthiest indoor air quality. Millennials often seek out personal, unique experiences that don’t always come cheap. The less they spend on unavoidable necessities, the more cash flow they have for enjoying life.

Something different from the generations before them: Blame it on high student loan paybacks or caring about the planet, but for a while there, many millennials were not interested in boomer McMansions–bigger homes with added extras. After a pandemic year of living and working from the confines of home, though, that tide might be turning. Either way, they value clean and simple design, low maintenance, and lower mortgage payments.


How contractors can work with millennial homebuyers.

Millennials tend to be confident buyers in that they know what they want. They are big on doing their homework, so honesty is the best policy when discussing build options. When it comes to energy considerations, you would do well to appeal to their ideals, offering features that satisfy their desire for lean energy bills and contributing to the healing of the planet.


BPE, Inc. and Haglid Engineering, LLC can help you achieve ENERGY STAR status. BPE’s energy recovery ventilators are the heart of HVAC systems, sporting the highest efficiency ratings, best thermal and breathing comfort, and offering variable speed controls that satisfy the personal touch this generation is all about. Our integral, plug ‘n play BPE-XE-MIR-200i is perfect for smaller homes and our product line suits any size space from there on up.



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