One of the tenets of BPE’s philosophy on indoor comfort is customization. Due to floor plans, square footage, occupancy, geographic area (climate), and budget, different spaces may require special consideration for achieving optimal indoor air quality, comfort, and savings on energy bills.

For this reason, BPE sometimes recommends the addition of a heat pump to Dedicated Outdoor Air systems (DOAS) systems especially if you’re already looking to replace a gas furnace. While useful for residential applications, the combination of a BPE ERV with an effective heat pump is ideal for commercial spaces, garages, workshops, and additions.


What is a heat pump?


Heat pumps are central air conditioners that pump a hot source’s energy to a cold source and vice versa to achieve heating or cooling. They are especially useful for areas that get especially cold in winter, making indoor environments toasty. Running on electricity, they are better for the environment because they can take the load off a gas furnace—or even replace it in less cold geographical areas. More mechanically efficient these days, heat pumps also utilize off-peak season electricity rates during the winter, reducing heating costs.


How can an in-line heat pump work with an Energy Recovery Ventilator?


BPE has identified Mr. Cool Heat Pump units as an excellent addition to DOAS systems for those seeking additional in-line heating and cooling solutions. By running outdoor supply air through the Mr. Cool unit first, the BPE can heat or cool fresh air further during weather extremes and improve indoor air quality in the process. In fact, a Mr. Cool heat pump can provide 80% of rated heating capacity all the way down to -22F, which makes it an excellent addition for those who battle frigid winters. To boot, the unit can act as a thermostat.

Want to know if working a Mr. Cool Heat Pump into your BPE-designed DOAS system is right for your space? Give us a call to discuss your custom needs!