Client: Plymouth Cultural Center in Plymouth, MI


Challenge: Cultural centers can be an enormous challenge in HVAC design. The number of occupants fluctuates day by day, hour by hour, so the building must provide fresh air over a large range of flows. If not, indoor air quality (IAQ) can suffer and energy costs can run a fortune. Plymouth Cultural Center also houses an arena which is maintained at 60°F db and 45°F wb all year long – conditions that can be very difficult to sustain. The center needed HVAC equipment that rose above standard efficiency in order to improve IAQ and reduce energy costs.

Solution: When dew points are lower outside than within the space, large amounts of fresh outdoor air are introduced and preheated using Four (4) BPE-MIR-XE-2000 Energy Recovery Ventilator units combined in parallel with high-efficiency PennBarry fans. Operating at flows of 6,570 CFM, the BPE ERVs allow the building to meet IAQ standards while recovering up to 80% of unused heating and cooling. After installation, the BPE equipment performed with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 27 (cooling) and a Seasonal EER of nearly 73 (heating) – far beyond the efficiency of standard make-up air or rooftop unitary equipment. 

Plymouth Cultural Center – 6,570 CFM (Outdoor Air)

BPE: Unrivaled in Energy Efficiency!


For more information on BPE’s line of high-performance ERVs and high-performance ventilation systems, call 201.722.1414.

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