Client: Saskatchewan Conservation House in Saskatchewan, Canada.


Challenge: When it was built in 1977, the Saskatchewan Conservation House was one of the first completely energy efficient homes in North America. Our goal was to increase the energy and cost effectiveness of this passive house, which is nearly air tight, by improving the ventilation.

Solution: Haglid Engineering & Associates and its sister company, Building Performance Equipment (BPE), Inc.®, reduced energy requirements and provided the house with fresh indoor air via a BPE-XE-MIR 200. In addition, we installed high-efficiency lighting and upgraded the envelope.

“It is my opinion that the quickest and easiest way to approach net zero is to use a direct counter-flow energy recovery unit with over 90% efficiency…Only BPE units represent the counter-flow heat exchanger created for the first passive house.”
–James Philip Wright, AIA


For more information on BPE’s line of high-performance ERVs and high-performance ventilation systems, call 201.722.1414.

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