Sometimes it’s tough enough to get building managers and homeowners to jump on the sustainable HVAC bandwagon, let alone understand what they need and how to install it. If we’re honest, many people will latch onto energy savings and simplicity of use before they buy high-performance systems to promote healthy, comfortable indoor air. So, what’s an HVAC manufacturer focused on energy recovery to do? Well, we give the people what they want.



High-performance ERVs via superb energy recovery for the win!

It starts with patented innovations, and BPE’s CEO, Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A., has them. Our air-to-air, fixed-plate, direct counter-flow ERV design doesn’t allow for cross contamination of air streams, offers Up to 34% latent effectiveness (humidity) via BPE Regenerative Condensate Return® Technology, and is longer than other air exchangers. Put it all together and what do our customers get?

  • Beautiful thermal efficiency ratings: 70% to 90%-plus, which translates to indoor comfort in any season.
  • Energy efficiency ratings (EER) of 36 to 160 (industry standard is 10), which translates into energy bills savings.
  • ROR is as little as two years, making budget managers smile.
  • Clean displacement rather than dispersal of stale air in exchange for outdoor air for healthier indoor air quality. BPE systems also support filters (MERV 8 – 13) for added removal of allergens and pollutants, as well as reducing pathogens.
  • The ability to do their part supporting the planet by reducing their carbon footprint, as BPE units run on very little energy and can reduce use of heaters and air conditioners.


K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple and Sustainable)

The idea is simple. People are more likely to invest in better, energy-efficient HVAC systems if you make those systems super convenient to mount, maintain, and operate. Add reductions on energy bills, the beauty of thermal comfort and healthier living, and a sustainable building stock will eventually follow. Sort of an “If you build it, they will come” approach.


Due to lightweight construction, no moving parts, and BPE’s insistence on working with solid components and superb dynamic controls, our entire line of ERV systems are easy to install, use, and maintain.


Nice, right? But we found the need to take it all a step further by offering the option of integral units. Initially, we offered the BPE-XE-MIR-200i with built-in fans for homes and small offices and people love them. Then we decided our commercial/industrial customers could use the same convenience, especially in tighter spaces where ductwork may require 90-degree angles.


We built the BPE-SC-UNI-1000, our first unitary commercial ERV. It’s pre-wired, pre-engineered with integral fan and filter boxes, intake louver, and versatile controls. The modular BPE-SC-UNI-2000 followed and enabled our clients to accommodate spaces requiring 500 to 20,000 cfm. One unit accommodates up to 1,700 cfm, and you stack them up to 20,000 cfm thereafter. Basically, what we’ve done with these unitary ERV systems is compressed all the components, so they are much easier to work with. Plus, we hardwire and test each unitary unit as a complete system to be certain it will work beautifully for you.


Now, welcome the BPE-SC-UNI-3000 unitary model! As with all our ERV’s it meets ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1 2019 Ventilation for Acceptable Air Quality and can help new or retrofitted buildings meet LEED and ENERGY STAR® requirements for various incentive programs. Just like our other unitary models, it operates on one-fifth the power of other energy recovery modules. We’re talking 120 VAC to stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and free of indoor pollutants all year long.


The Intake Louver

The Uni 3000 easily brings in 2000 – 3000 cfm (encountering very little static pressure) beginning with an intake louver weather rated to ANSI/AMCA standard 500-L. This means it has been tested against pressure drops, airflow leakage, and wind-driven rain, snow, and sand up to 500 linear feet per minute. Of course, we’ve made access to the filter box behind it easy via a hinge.


Filter Box

The filter box is designed to move large volumes of air with limited energy and little back pressure. A side door in the UNI’s cabinet opens for easy replacement of MER 8 to 13 filters. Typically, we recommend 4-inch MERV 8 pleated filters for air intake and 1-inch MERV 8 or contractor grade filters on exhausted air. The total filter module is 10-inches long.


Custom fan Boxes 

BPE recently began using AC Infinity fans and controllers for many of its ERV models. The Uni 3000 comes equipped with two T-12 fans in custom side-by-side boxes that take up two feet. They are weather rated for indoor or outdoor mounting and available as 120v and 240v. Canadian customers can request 550v. The fans move a lot of air, 1600 cfm each for a combined fan power of 3200 cfm and swapping them out is as easy as turning two bolts.

Integral controls allow the fans to work with temperature and humidity sensors. AC Infinity Bluetooth controllers are available as well for fine-tuning energy efficiency off property. (Check out our article on AC Infinity fans and controllers.)


Is the BPE Uni 3000 ERV right for your next project?

Ready to gain all the benefits of BPE innovation for your residential, commercial, or industrial space? So, take a look at its specs, peruse the rest of our product line to compare. And please, feel free to give us a call with questions no matter how simple or complex your needs. (We love a challenge!)

BPE-SC-UNI-3000 Specs / Cut Sheet

T-12 Fan Specs

The BPE ERV Product Line


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