Client: YMCA Public Pool, Olympic Pool and Hot Tub in Red Bank, NJ.


Challenge: Chlorine and bromine smells from the pool and spa created poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Members complained that it was difficult to breathe in the main pool area.

Solution: Two BPE-XE-MIR-2000 ERV heat exchangers were installed to provide 10,000 cfm of fresh outdoor air—and at a comfortable temperature! Due to the high-efficiency of the BPE units, winter temperatures are not an issue. For example, the heat exchangers can take energy from the poor, expelled air to warm incoming air of 20°F to 35°F to a comfortable 75°F. The fresh air successfully banished the chemical smells from the pool and spa and was met with positive comments such as, “The improvement in air quality is amazing.”

Jack Behr, Director of Facilities at the Red Bank YMCA, is pleased with the BPE energy recovery equipment, and says that it is working very well while providing significant savings and comfortable make-up air.


For more information on BPE’s line of high-performance ERVs and high-performance ventilation systems, call 201.722.1414.

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